1. Do you have flooring issues that need to be addressed right now?
  2. Don’t want to go through the typical approval / P.O. channels and want to just swipe a credit card?
  3. Want us to work in small areas as to not interrupt your production or logistic systems?


Schedule QRU today! We developed the QRU program after seeing the need for a quick and easy solution for repairing small areas of floor in the high traffic and demanding production areas of industrial facilities. We make it easy for you!
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What We Do x

Concrete – specifically industrial concrete. We repair it. We coat it. We polish it. We even remove & replace it. From the dirt to the surface, we can make it better. A good case can be made that the condition of an industrial facility’s floor defines the culture of the people who work there and manage it, or at least is a reflection of that culture. A dark, dingy, uncleanable, uneven floor is not only depressing for those working there, it’s an embarrassment when customers visit, possibly a safety hazard, and can even slow down production.  A cracked, eroded chemical containment area doesn’t contain anything, exposing you and your company to untold liability. Drab, porous concrete walls not only look bad, but harbor dirt and bacteria. We can improve your facility!

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